Broward Local

Broward Local is a Tri-County website with the thoughts of uniting a small group of people together to become a larger group of people, to serve the immediate area. Our thoughts were combining small business together to become big businesses. I own a small computer store in a neighborhood where there are many places to go but, if one person in the group refers me to someone it will be one more customer that I would have not gotten. Today’s technology is making it easier to find what you want without even leaving your home.  If you should place an ad into the newspaper it’s not like the old days, I read the paper on line. Ads that used to cost a lot of money are now free ads. When I put an ad in the paper the response that made my phone ring now is gone. Take a look at people today they all have a cell phone, almost everyone is on line. They are texting, talking, and surfing the web. Only one thing can stop the wheels from driving customers away, the thought of people talking. I have been in the business of promoting before I even new it. I always had jobs that left me around large groups of people. If some person needed something done, I had the answer a friend does that. I was networking and didn’t even know it. I have been in the business for over 40 years made it, lost it, now back once more to say we need to work as one. I don’t want anything more than just having a place where people can go and find a business that will give them what they want. Today is all about quantity sell more make more. Whatever happened to quality services at a reasonable price. You almost get that every time you hire a handyman that did your neighbors work.  So, why not have a group of businesses locally that can be listed together that will refer each other to other people. My concept is so easy why is it so hard to make it work? I just think if I refer someone and they don’t make the people happy I will be the one who suffers. We can’t please them all so let’s unite get together and see what we can do as one. I have 2000 plus members if they have 10 friends that’s 20,000 can you see were it leads. Here is to hoping you give us a try sign up to be active make a page for your company see if it works for you. Remember one customer is one more that you would have never seen.  Go to face book and like the Broward Local page. There will be more to follow and thank you all for reading this, Tim Dominick CEO of Broward Local.

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