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We are busy trying to do something different Small Business to become Big Business. I must get 10-15 calls a day on how I am qualified to get a business loan. Do you need $30,000.00 or maybe $300,000.00 we have money for you……..” You must be in business for at least six months and make $15,000.00 a month ” Well I have been in business since 1988 I make a living but that is it. I had good years and some bad years. I never gave up. I will never stop. I have over $50,000.00 in inventory but I need the right person to buy the right thing. So as it goes I don’t qualify  for the loan. Well if I was making that much I would not need the money.

We started websites to promote Small Businesses…..Help the people who want help. So If you want to join you are welcome list your Items free Sell free make money try it today:




If you are interested in doing business with us email me browardlocal954@gmail.com   facebook checkout and like us browardlocal on facebook